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FiberRedondo TechCenter is currently in discussions with two separate fiber providers. Our interest in working with two different fiber providers is so that we can offer our tenants unlimited bandwidth capability from two independent sources. We have also buried conduit underground so that these providers can come in from two different sides of our building, thereby providing two separate and more secure sources for bandwidth.
If you are a potential tenant in need of a high level of bandwidth, now is the time to talk to us about your needs. Under the direction of Riser Management Services we are at a critical juncture in our negotiations and can immediately incorporate your needs so that we can together ensure you receive the bandwidth you need to grow your business.
TechCenter is also in discussions with multiple ISPs to provide a broad range of internet access alternatives for our tenants. Call us directly for more details.

Power"Always On" capability is crucial to our teleco and data center tenants. Power is money and at Redondo TechCenter we back up your investment. Redondo TechCenter is equipped with redundant power supplies to ensure always-on operation through two separate power sub-grids. 
Unlike almost any other building in the South Bay, Redondo TechCenter draws its power from two separate sub-grids. This provides a level of power security that few buildings can offer. Routing and switching equipment is connected to the two separate sub-grids, accessing the building from opposite directions. If one sub-grid goes down, power is almost instantaneously switched to the other sub-grid.
If our power isn't enough, we have the ability to increase our power service as well as extra areas on-site for additional back-up generators.


TechnologyFrom the ground up, Redondo TechCenter is unique in providing affordable office and flex space with state-of-the-art technology.

  • UFER Grouding System

  • Single-and-Multii-Fiber Coptic Cabling

  • Satellite Accessibility

  • Ample Internet Bandwidth

Load CapacityBring it on!! Redondo TechCenter has the ability to support your business at levels others can't touch. Our 52,000 square foot ground floor has unlimited load capacity. Store everything from your inventory of computer hardware to a 40-foot trailer mounted generator. The first floor through the rooftop parking level has a minimum throughout of 125 pounds per square foot live load capacity. A standard office building and parking garage built to code has 50 pounds per square foot live load capacity. TechCenter is 250% stronger than standard office buildings, providing a load capacity that is ideal for the headquartering of computer and data system hardware.   Our load capacity is complimented by a lot of headroom---13'10", slab-to-slab clearance between floors with vehicle clearance of 12’ for the portions of the building.


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